Greetings! I'm Angel Alberto Rodríguez Serrano, also known as The Salsa Guy. Thanks for visiting my website. My passion lies in providing personalized dance experiences that not only entertain but also serve as a cultural bridge. For many years, I have taught dance lessons in both English and Spanish and performed vibrant Latin American Folk dances. More than just teaching dance steps, my purpose is to cultivate an environment where individuals can feel a positive connection with themselves and others, transcending cultural boundaries. Join me on a journey of celebrating life through the universal language of dance and the exploration of rich cultural traditions.


Latin Dance Lessons

My style of instruction has been described as friendly, entertaining, and fun so join us for a lesson and you can be the judge of that!  I offer:
Ready to dance? Let's make every step memorable!


I bring the vibrant history of Puerto Rico and Latin American nations to life. Dive into our lively workshops, community performances, and magical events, exploring the customs and traditions that make each culture unique. 

From the Virginia Beach Convention Center to the Smithsonian Museums, we've left our dynamic mark on many prestigious stages. 

Other Services

I'm here to assist in coordinating toy drives, securing school supplies, arranging DJ sound systems, and serving as a master of ceremonies. Let me know how I can help! Click here for more information.