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Affiliate Disclosure

There is an expense to creating and maintaining this web site. To offset that expense, you will see advertising on our site. Additionally, you may notice that I Salsa Guy Richmond will recommend and/or provide a link to some product or service. It should be assumed that Salsa Guy Richmond is an affiliate for the products or services that I recommend. This means that I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you when you visit the sites that those links represent. In other cases I only receive a commission when you make a purchase on those sites.

In all cases, know that our relationship with you as our audience is more important to us than or relationship with any advertiser or Affiliate program. This means that I will never refer you to products or services that I have not used ourselves and/or thoroughly researched. I will only promote products and services in which I have strong confidence.

Please understand that certain advertising space on our site is offered to one or more advertising Brokers. I provide the block of space and the Broker will present ads that the Broker believes may be of interest to you as a visitor to our site. I have no control over the individual ads except to limit the various categories of ads that the Broker may present. The Broker makes the final decision over the exact ad that is presented at any given moment. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more detail on how ads are selected.

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